Hello and welcome! An instructor, a reader, a dog-owner, and an advocate; those are a few ways I define myself and these titles directly impact my interests, experiences, and abilities.

I am passionate about providing excellent service to my clients and community and I believe building relationships, engaging in collaboration and upholding integrity is my path to success.

With experience in libraries, academia, not-for-profits and retail, I have participated in academic research, curriculum design, instruction, print and online communications, social media marketing, and event planning.

Download my complete CV here (PDF).


Hybrid learning: Integrating online and offline activities into an IL course. With Andrea Cameron. WILU, May 2010

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  • Cool! Got free passes to Guardians of the Galaxy tomorrow night thanks to @SpaceChannel! 1 hour ago
  • Bah. I finished book "to be continued..." I've got the sequel but at home. :-/ 9 hours ago
  • Also annoyed because I was reading reviews which were spoiler free and then a commenter went & spoiler it. Oh well. 10 hours ago

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