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Imagine a world…who’s there?

I was playing a new game (Glass Road) recently and I couldn’t help but point out to my friends that there are no female characters. Not one out of 15 roles is depicted by a woman. Although this is just a tiny little thing, it’s all of these little, purposeful, omissions that add up to … Continue reading



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  • I know it used to be a thing to re-use a name if baby died, but they didn't even wait for Thérèse to die... https://t.co/ZhNcYeDe68 3 hours ago
  • Packing up my bookshelf calls into question every book decision ever made. Am I really fan enough keep all the Mortal Instruments books? 5 hours ago
  • I'm moving in a few weeks which leads me to questions like "Do I still need book 2&3 of the Hunger Games?" I gave away book 1 years ago. 5 hours ago

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