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Drive Thru Library

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I think a Drive Thru is a pretty good idea. I believe the central library back in my hometown had a drop-off right by the driveway which did help speed things up. Having more services, such as picking up holds, could be really beneficial as well. As to the diasagreement, as of now I’d say neither a volunteer nor a librarian should work the window; let a library assistant or clerk do it.


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An instructor, a reader, a dog-owner, and advocate; that's how I define myself and these aspects directly impact my interests and conversations.


2 thoughts on “Drive Thru Library

  1. nJen! I didn’t know you were you! You rarely link to you when visiting my blog, because I have wondered if you had your site and I have checked before. Neato! For awhile you weren’t posting, yes? So now you are?

    Posted by Xine | 24 Aug 2004, 3:36 AM
  2. yeah, well I don’t openly “promote” this blog -as in noone I kow knows about it. (esp since I say “Librarian” when I’m not one yet :p)

    Some of posts disappeared (when I republished once)..and there was awhile that I forgot about it (when summer semester started)

    Posted by Jen | 25 Aug 2004, 12:47 AM

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