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Review of Unshelved

Cognitive Dissonance

The above is a link to a review of Unshelved, my beloved comic strip. I read it daily. I don’t know how I would survive without it!

Here’s a story about how I do care for this comic:

I pre-ordered this volume as soon as they sent out the email (yes I’m on their email list). Since it was a preorder – they autographed it. How special! An autographed book! I’ve never had a book autographed before.

Anyway, I love showing it to fellow library students and librarians that I meet. This summer I lent it to a fellow student and guess what happened? She lost it!!! Can you believe it? She did give me some money towards purchasing a new one (I didn’t really make her pay full price though – I’m too nice, and she claimed that she did return it). But, even if I got a new one, it wouldn’t be signed, right? What did I do? When purchasing the volume I wrote a long message explaining my enjoyment of their comic strip and the horror of my loss. They agreed to sign my new copy.

I got it in the mail Friday and it read “To Jennifer, who hopefully has learned her lesson about lending out valuable books.”

So, I have my book, and no you may not borrow it!


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