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LBGT Literature – and Emerald’s free journal of the week

Emerald’s free journal of the week is Collection Builiding. My library has subscription to it anyway, but I have never looked at this journal beforehand.

While browsing through the 3 free issues, I found an interesting article:

“Recent lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender fiction for teens: are Canadian public libraries providing adequate collections?” by Michele Hilton Boon and Vivian Howard .

Collection Building. 23: 3, 133-138.

This article does produce some of the results that many of us may have assumed – namely that LBGT titles are more likely to be at certain libraries than others. Yet, they also have some other conclusions that are interesting – such as how the number of reviews may be a factor in whether or not the LBGT titles are included in a collection.

Anyway, I thought it was a good read and figured it’s free so might as well promote it!


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