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Greatest Canadian Woman?

Ok, so while the show, the Greatest Canadian, was entertaining and educational, I, as well as many others, inlcuding some of the advocates, could not help but notice that not a single woman made it to the top ten.

I have my own thoughts on why this is such as many women made great progress for women causes, but some see that progress as a woman’s issue, not a national issue. I mean, they did good for women, not for the country (from some people’s perspective). This is just a huge assumption I’ve made. And it’s only one possible reason that a woman did not make the top ten.

Let’s take a look at the women who did make the top one hundred:

#18 Shania Twain

#25 Nellie McClung (I nominated her too – and David Suzuki)

#27 Celine Dion

#35 Laura Secord

#40 Avril Lavigne

#44 Mary Maxwell

#51 Pamela Anderson

#57 Lucy Maud Montgomery

#63 Roberta Bondar

#66 Sheila Fraser

#71 Margaret Atwood

#72 Senator Anne Cools

#74 Emily Murphy

#75 Sarah McLachlan

#81 Sandra Schmirler

#85 Emily Carr

#93 Joni Mitchell

#94 Anne Murray

#97 Louise Arbour

This means that women make up about 19% of the top one hundred. I think the whole thing is a bit of a popularity contest overall – the debates over the top 10 helped change that. But really, Pamela higher than Roberta Bondar and Lucy Maud? Well, that’s my opinion. I’ll let you draw your own about the rest of the nominees for top 100.


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