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Catalogablog: Amazon Citations

Catalogablog: Amazon Citations

here’s an entry from Catalogablog that I thought was interesting. I wasn’t sure what it was at first so I went to http://www.amazon.com to check it out (I did not see this feature on amazon.ca).

It seems when you click on a book and hover over the image a little pop-up type window appears and says “inside this book” and provides the first sentence and then the number of books it cites and the number it is cited by. This is all part of the “Search Inside this book” feature.

In addition, if you scroll down the page, after the product details, it also lists the cites and cited by.

I guess amazon is trying to be as good as other library services, but I wonder how many individuals know or care about citations – other than researchers. I guess it could be a way of finding like books that one may be interested in, but for anyone who has done a citation analysis, we know this may not always be true.


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