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Get Used to It.

Another rejection. That’s ok. Still it would have been nice to get an interview for the position (it was an academic library in Florida). I submitted another two applications today, one here in Ontario and one in Ohio.

Today I also started going through all my books with a view to cataloguing them. However, it’s not for the usual librarian-type purposes. I’m getting rid of them all. So I am going to take a list of what I have to the used book store and see if they want the stuff. There’s a few stores in town and they always seem to be packed with books. There’s one that I won’t even go into – it’s hazardous – books everywhere on the floors and in the aisles, not to mention I don’t care much for the owner. I have books all over the place, so I have to dig them out and see what’s still good. I know some are in the basement and will have to be thrown out (mould).


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3 thoughts on “Get Used to It.

  1. D here.
    That is a tragedy. Once, in my youth, I threw out some of my books, and I think that with a few exceptions, I have since replaced them. Unfortunately, I will never be able to replace the signed Robert Munch books, and the original Dr. Seuss hard covers that were sent to some cousin somewhere. I have quite a large library, and although I have seen hardly any of it for a few years since it has been in boxes, it would be a terrible wrench to go through them and weed. (that is one aspect of librarianship i do not want to tackle).

    My advice is, do nothing rashly. Sometimes rash throwing away is a good thing, and at least they won’t be wasted, but, oh, please send me the list first! There may be some treasures in there that I haven’t read! And please think carefully before throwing away anything that isn’t mouldy (and some things that are).

    Posted by Anonymous | 8 Jan 2005, 4:46 AM
  2. Hey D, yeah I’ll post the list before I sell/give them away. The only books I’m planning on keeping at the moment are 2 by my professors, my harry potter collection, and 2 other signed books. Most of what I have is French literature, or books on ancient Rome and Greece, since they’ve been acquired through my school years. It is going to be hard to get rid of some books since there are memories attached to them.

    Posted by Jen | 8 Jan 2005, 5:25 AM
  3. Jen! why are you getting rid of your books? i admit i have given a way a few of mine when i moved a year ago, but to book loving people… the few i have actually gotten rid of–i do not miss–save one. but getting rid most of your books. hard to fathom… ~elizabeth, mlis in training

    Posted by Anonymous | 10 Jan 2005, 10:25 PM

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