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Oops, all gone.

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

And adding it has “erased” all the lovely comments I’ve been getting. But don’t worry, at least I read them all before they went bye-bye. And since noone probably saw my last comment, I’ll just say again, for D, that no worries. I will post a list of my books that I plan to deselect from my home. Most of it is French literature and books on ancient Greece and Rome, since most of them are from my undergrad days. I do plan on keeping the books written by my Classics profs, my Harry Potter collection, and books that have been signed. It is tough to let go of books, especially since they seem to hold memories. Like “The Rez Sisters” by Tomson Highway will not only bring back memories of 1st year English, but also of the really unique store off campus we had to go to buy the play, and also of the play itself we watched at the Sudbury Theatre. Or the play “Medea” reminds me again of 1st year – my Classics prof. He was young and good looking. He showed us a video of the play as it would have been performed, you know with the masks and all that. Oh, and Moliere will always remind me of Prof. Skakoon, and how just about all French literature ends up to be about sex! My Spanish textbook reminds me of Cecilia, my prof whose surname I forget. The last week of class she had us over to her apartment for sangria and a chance to speak Spanish to her elderly mother who knew no English. I’m sure I could come up with a story for every book, but alas, I need to cull the collection. Now, when it comes time to do something with all my photos, that’ll be another, more difficult, task.


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