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Toronto Star: National Web library do-able, affordable, visionary

I found this article by Michael Geist through Teleread.

“One opportunity is to greatly expand the National Library of Canada’s digital efforts by becoming the first country in the world to create a comprehensive national digital library.”

He describes the value of a National Digital Library and then discusses barriers, such as possible changes to internet copyright law.

“Supported by appropriate copyright policies, a national digital library comprised of every Canadian book ever published would provide an exceptional resource for Canadians at home as well as advantageously promote the export of Canadian culture abroad.”

I think a digital library is a good move, but “every book ever published” and he generally estimated a 5 year timeline!?! I think that’s a little underestimated. I do agree though we should watch what our Government is doing in terms of copyright. I’m not even well versed in copyright so I wasn’t really aware of what the Government is up to.


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