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Packing Decisions

I finally have the chance to blog a little. I was going to pass along some interesting stories this morning, but things have been a little busy. And this computer keeps locking up.

So today I did 3 loads of laundry and started packing my bag for the ALA Midwinter. So I have decided to pack:

My black dress pants

My blue blazer (matches the stripe in my pants)

purple wool skirt

2 sweaters (1 purple, 1 blue)

2 blouses (1 purple, 1 blue) – coincidence really, just bought them since my other shirts don’t fit.

1 dressy top (burgundy)

and then the usual (PJs, socks, etc).

I’m planning on alternating between my skirt and my pants. I’ll be wearing my jeans there, so I can wear those at night if I go out. My goal was to bring just a carry-on bag, so we’ll see. I’ll also be wearing my black boots with everything.

I just wonder if my purple skirt is a little too much. Too un-librarian? I mean I know we’re always striving against the image, but really, how do people react when you dress outside the stereotype? I don’t think my purple skirt is too wild; I wore to work in the library all the time.

It also turns out that 4 of us former MLIS folks will be staying at the same hostel. That’ll be nice. I’m the last to arrive though. I don’t know why I didn’t think of leaving Thursday instead of Friday.

This will be my first professional conference, so if anyone has some handy tips on how to survive, please feel free to comment. I do plan on attending the New Member Round Table Orientation on Saturday, so that should be useful, or at least start me on my networking.


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