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Today is the 1st anniversary for Canuck Librarian! There’s so much I could do with this blog, but it takes little steps. If I start thinking big things I get overwhelmed. Just like with the job search. It is overwhelming all that I have to do. I can handle it, but because I don’t have a regular routine, it’s hard to get motivated. So, now that I’m back I have a huge list of things to do – both work and volunteer related. First, I need to revise my resume and make different versions for public and academic positions. That means I also have to start seriously considering public library jobs and not just skip over those announcements.

I went online today to find a temp agency for librarians in Ottawa. The site didn’t seem to work for me, but google had it cached so I got the info I needed. Also, through following links I found that the parent company of the temp agency already has a posting for librarians. I just need to persevere and keep applying to positions that interest me.

I will be taking it easy though for the next few days. I do have volunteer stuff to do, nothing I haven’t done before for them. Tomorrow my best friend is taking me out to dinner for my birthday, so that’ll be nice.


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