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The Windsor Star: NAFTA challenged in Ontario courts

The Windsor Star: NAFTA challenged in Ontario courts :

“The UPS claim could damage Canada Post’s ability to deliver cost-effective services across the country.

And the plaintiffs argue the stakes are even higher than that since the NAFTA provision in question could allow private companies to challenge most any public service — even health care.


The NAFTA section at issue is one adopted in 1994.

It allows private corporations to seek redress for government policies deemed to harm their business interests through non-judicial tribunals.”

I remember back in school we talked about how this could affect public libraries. Actually I think it may have been GATS we were discussing, but same issue. I don’t think business should really have such a stronghold over what government does (yeah I’m a little naive). Sure i’m thankful for NAFTA since that’s going to help me get a job in the U.S. (if I go), but really, getting rid of publicly funded services because it’s unfair? How is that fair to the citizens? I personally don’t like UPS anyway (if it’s not Canada Post then it’s Purolator for me).


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