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I received a phone call today from New Brunswick. I had applied for a position there and it requires a bilingual librarian. I am to expect a call sometime this week or next from them again but this call will determine my fluency in french. The man on the phone could not say if there was a specific conversation or not, so I am trying to learn my French equivalents for library vocab (thanks to my friend who has given me some handy links). I’m nervous about the French test, although I don’t really care if I get the job – it’s not a top priority. I just want to keep my options open. I just feel if I can’t pass the NB test, how will I find a job in Ottawa?

Tomorrow is the first interview for a cataloguing job. I checked out their website (not really great) and looked at the tools they use to catalogue. I have no experience at all with RVM. I did look at some of the updates though online which gave me a glimpse of what it is like. I’m just hoping that there aren’t too many others vying for this position. I haven’t met too many that enjoy cataloguing, and even fewer who could do it in French; I’m hoping that gives me an edge (my written french is much better than oral).


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