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Looking for Alaska: John Green

Looking for Alaska by John Green. 256 p. Dutton Books.

This Young Adult’s novel can’t help but create suspense since in place of chapter headings, it has a countdown (e.g. “eighty-nine days before”). This is the story of Miles Halter, a highschool junior who has asked his parents to go to boarding school in search of a “Great Perhaps”. His roommate, “The Colonel” and new friends Alaska and Takumi love to break school’s rules and play pranks. As tragedy strikes Miles’ new home, he works through the great questions in life and how to deal with grief. “One hundred thirty-six days after” Miles finds a solution and an end to the year at Culver Creek.

While it did find it pretty slow to start the book (why would I want to read about some kid who is so bored he wants to go away to prep school?) but after the first 20 pages or so, the story became more amusing. Reading about the pranks they play makes me wish I was a little more rebellious when I was young. The story was good, but I still have a hard time thinking that kids think like this. I never had deep thoughts when I was young; maybe it’s just me – I am an Aquarius after all.


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