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Wow, tough decision!

I just finished my interview for the cataloguing position. It lasted an hour. It was fun. Well, maybe not, but at least I told some funny stories such as when in catloguing class I’d get a little annoyed at the major debates over theoretical questions when cataloguing is a practical activity (well usually). The interviewer understood that and shared her own story about cataloguers debating over a period when really, does it matter to the patron?

So it’s a not-for-profit which means the pay is very low. Good enough for me, but still very low. (I know none of my friends would settle for it.) It’d be the same I made on co-op. However, they do believe in flex time so that means I don’t have to go into work for 8am unless I want to – I can keep sleeping in. She did point out that although the workplace is collegial and friendly, it is still a solitary type of job and a quiet atmosphere. I could be going up there as soon as this Friday to take a look around and take the cataloguing test. She said the test is basically cataloguing 2 books. I would have access to the Validator. And the test is really just to see if someone is trainable since she understands I’m right out of school.

Even if the pay is a bit low, I think this would give me the chance to see if I really do like cataloguing. At the moment though I feel like I’d get stuck in that job but if I like it I don’t see why that’s a bad thing. She said from my resume I looked like a very social person. I never really thought of me as that. I’ve never had a choice really; to survive in this world you have to maintain a social life in and out of work.

Well, I guess I’ll see when I take a tour of the place!


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