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I’m so out of it!

So after that last post, I went and looked at Posters from Buster:

A Guide for english Language Learners
that I got from a vendor

and also the Buster

website. I think I might try some of the activities with my

godkids…but then again, I don’t think they are home in time to watch

Buster (it’s on at 3pm here).

Anyway, what surprised me was

Buster’s Blog! I

know blogging is “the” thing to do right now, but I hadn’t realized

how it is becoming so integrated in so many different areas.

What’s interesting, is I looked at his entry for Iqaluit (the one

place in Canada he visits) he answers a question I raised not too long


“Most people who live in Iqaluit are Inuit. “Inuit” means “person” in

Inuktitut. I called them Eskimos. But Eden, an Inuit girl I met here,

says they don’t use that word anymore. “Inuit” is the better word to


Ok, I know Buster isn’t a real person, but I just really like watching

Arthur and Buster. I actually like to watch a lot of kids shows like



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