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There and back again

I wrote a nice long post last night about my trip up to to Kitchener and al of the day’s events. Unfortuantely last night I received an attack from the Blue Screen and had to restart the computer.

The trip up was pretty uneventful. The bus ride was fine. It turns out the greyhound station and transit terminal are the same, so after collecting 3 bus route schedules and maps I decided to take the bus to the interview instead of a taxi. This plan was working out until the bus got delayed and so I missed my transfer. I watched as the other bus was leaving the transfer point and I could do nothing because the driver was already on the radio to another bus for a woman that had gotten on a wrong bus and was heading back for the right one.

So I ended up calling a taxi to take me the rest of the way since the little bus maps aren’t to scale(or at least don’t give their scale) so I had no way of knowing exactly how long it would have taken me to walk. I arrived early but that was fine. I could see already that the place is very casual and informal, just as I had been told. I met with the HR person first and chatted with her. Then I took the cataloguing test which consisted of cataloguing 2 monographs. I think I did okay. I went on Worldcat last night to compare their records with my results. For one of the titles I got the exact subject heading (women mushers) and call number. For the other I got the call number (I think – I was considering a few different ones, don’t remember exactly which I picked) but none of the subject headings matched at all. And of course the ones in Worldcat make more sense than the ones I picked. The cataloguing supervisor said she’d try to get back to me Tuesday, if not than the following week.

After about 2 hours there, I headed back to the Greyhound station via transit. I like taking buses because I get to see a bit of the town. I took a different bus back so I saw different areas than on the way there. Interesting.

When I got to the terminal I was absolutely starving so I grabbed some fries and an orange juice and sat down with a stranger at a booth (there were no empties). The young woman is in her first year at Western and learned that she picked all the wrong courses for herself last semester so is trying different things this semester. She was on her way to her friend’s for a 19th birthday. Oh to be young again.

When transfering in London, I ran into a former classmate who had just arrived from Toronto (she’s on co-op) to visit her boyfriend. We chatted for a bit, mostly about me and the job hunt. It’s nice to see people I know.

That is pretty much it. I’m sure I could have gone into greater detail, but if you have questions you can always ask! Now I need to prepare for the french test I am scheduled to have on Tuesday for a position in New Brunswick. I’m thinking I’m not overly into that position so I should email them and tell tehm I’m not really interested in it. But I want to take the test to see how I do. That is not fair to them though since it costs them money. I can’t cut my options though, since I don’t have a job, and moving to New Brunswick would be interesting (my grandfather lives there – you know the Acadian blood in us).


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