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OLA Superconference: Part 1

The last few days have been pretty great although very hectic and a cold is attempting to immobilize me. Let me review what I’ve been up to:


I arrived in Toronto around 10 am and walked to the hostel. This demonstrated my great memory and sense of direction as I had no address or directions to the place, but had visited once before a year or 2 ago. As mentioned earlier, I was a bit cranky from waking up early and not having a good trip, so when the desk clerk informed me that I’d have to wait 2 hours to get checked in I complained “something always goes wrong when I’m here” and could feel the tears welling up. Of course she was a good clerk and explained things and I apologized for being such a crab. I just really, really wanted to take a nap.

So, since I couldn’t check in, I went for a walk up Yonge st. I went to one store that was having a big sale with good prices. yet again my crankiness got to me. Lesson learned: don’t try things on when your tired and exhausted, it’s not good for the self-esteem.

I walked the length of the Eaton Centre a couple times looking at many things I’d love to buy if I had money, but managing to keep myself from them. I returned to the hostel and checked in and then made my way to Ryerson University Library to take the “talk and tour” that was a pre-conference option. It was a pretty interesting talk as about 40 librarians sat and listened to Bob Jackson explain the process and then give us a quickie tour. At this talk I discovered 2 former classmates from FIMS that I hadn’t seen in a year. They are both doing their last semester at FIMS and had been on co-op. After the tour I hung out with them and we went to dinner at a nice place on Queen Street – I think it was called something “Queen Mother” something…not sure exactly. After dinner we headed to the Convention Centre for the First-timer’s reception. There was free beer at the reception (and other alcohol). I also ran into some librarians I worked with down in Windsor(this chance meeting will prove greater import later in the story). The first-timer’s reception was followed by the all welcome party which had more free beer and free calendars and free roses (provided by various vendors). I got an astronmy calendar. (They had several different ones). This was a pretty good mixer and I enjoyed the fiddle player up on stage. My one friend kept bringing me beer as he believed everyone needs one for the road. So that was nice. Around 9:30 we left and I was dropped off at the hostel where I went to bed pretty early since the conference sessions start at 8 am.

end of Part 1. I was going to write about Thursday as well but the time is now 2 am which means I’ve been awake for 19 hours and anyone who knows me could tell you how that’s just not acceptable. I foresee that I shall wake in the late morning tomorrow (and I will continue the update then).


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