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North County Times: Public libraries an expensive relic

North County Times: Public libraries an expensive relic: “Better than a building, how much better to invest our money in a communitywide wireless network so that all citizens may have unfettered access to the virtually unlimited library that is the Internet?”

Ummm, anyone else see a pile of problems in this article, as short as it may be? Maybe I’m biased, although I can honestly say I am not a government employee.

“we could extend the wealth of knowledge and information available online to all citizens —- providing far more benefit than any stack of books.”

Because that’s all public libraries do is maintain stacks of books, yeah, I’m certain my friends agree wholeheartedly with that statement.

Although, the idea of community-wide WiFi is very tempting. I’d sure love it if it were available, that is if I had a computer that was WiFi ready.


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