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OLA Superconference: Part 3

Oh, I guess I should finish my report:


The Tylenol Flu I bought the night before worked and so I had a reasonably well sleep Friday Night. This morning’s plenary was more interesting than I had expected. Actually I hadn’t expected much since I was not familiar with the speaker, Roy Tennant. But he was really good. I missed a bit of his talk since I insisted on getting a tea and croissant before attending the session.

After this I went to the “Gaining International experience” session for which towo University of Windsor librarians I know were speakers. It was pretty good. Considering I had just foound a job, I wasn’t quite as interested. Hopefully they got some good comments on the questionnaires.

Next I decided to go to Top Tech Trends which was more of a panel discussion. The panelists included Art Rhyno (another Windsor librarian – see LibraryCog blog), Karen Scneider (Free Range Librarian) and Roy Tennant. It was pretty good. There was some discussion afterwards that was interesting. Especially when someone brought up copyright and there was a gentleman in the audience that is an expert in that area. So I was satisfied with this session.

I attended the luncheon aand sat with a few of my friends. The lunch was pretty good. Cathy Jones was the guest speaker. She had some pretty good jokes, but I found she wasn’t quite on the ball. But that didn’t matter, because any amount of laughing is good for the health.

After the lunch I went to the train station. I ended up waiting in line with a woman who works at FIMS so we chatted until boarding time. It was amusing to see who was at the conference – most often signalled by a red bag (except me, from the first night I did not use the red bag – I guess I’m a rebel).

The trip home was much better than the way there and I slept a fair bit. when I got home my friend picked me up and I went to her house for dinner and then we went to Second Cup. So all in all I had a pretty good time!

I recommend the OLA to any Librarian in the province.


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