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Being cheap isn’t always worth it

I don’t subscribe to my local newspaper because I figure that I could always read it at the library if I want (but never do) and that most news that would interest me is available elsewhere. I also don’t subscribe to the online edition because I just can’t afford $10/mo right now. I’ve been assuming that I haven’t been missing much, but I just found out I almost did.

I was just at my aunt and uncle’s place (well that’s downstairs, we live in a duplex) and they asked me if I saw the article about my grandfather (on the other side of the family). I, of course, had not. I guess they mentioned it to my father last Saturday, but he didn’t tell me. So today they passed me last Saturday’s paper and on A2 there was a short article and picture of my Grandfather. It was just a little local news thing about how after 60 years my Grandfather has renewed his pilot’s license. He stopped flying when he got married and had to work, but we always heard about the days he used to fly up in the air. He was happy when my brother and I joined Air Cadets, hoping that one of us would follow the flying tradition (which we sadly didn’t). Last summer for his 75th birthday the family got him a gift certificate for a flight in a biplane as well as a flying lesson. Ever since, he’s been continuing his flying lessons and now needs just one more flight before he is licensed to take passengers of his own up in the air.

I’m proud of his accomplishment. It’s good to see that old age isn’t holding him back. I hope I get the chance to go up in the air with my granddad; I think it’d be pretty cool.


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