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CBC News: Manitoba pulls wines with Stalin labels

CBC News: Manitoba pulls wines with Stalin labels

I’m actually indifferent to this story. I don’t care whether the wine is for sale or not. What did catch my eye though is that it was a civil liberties association (the Ukranian) that asked for the wine to be taken off shelves. Well, I guess if I had a dictator I’d be upset too. I’m just having a hard time imagining what would be offensive to me. I mean, it’s a wine bottle. How much time in the liquor store do I spend?

Oh well, as a speaker once said, you don’t know what other people feel or think. (as in when someone says they’re cold, and you respond “you can’t be cold!”)So I can’t understand how damaging a wine bottle picture may be to those who suffered under the power of Stalin, Roosevelt and that other guy.


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