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Don’t Drink The Water : Sober Thoughts

Don’t Drink The Water: Sober Thoughts

Ah, yes. I’m sure we’ve all thought of this at one time or another. Well, I don’t care anymore about anonymity. It’s lost. Of course, my intentions as well were that this is my “professional” blog and that I have a LiveJournal for my personal rantings (of which I did many yesterday). I imagine myself developing a greater mind and thus being able to bring to you, the masses, more enlightened thoughts and posts. Alas, I am feeble-minded. Okay, maybe not, but I still just don’t have that “in” knowledge that so many competent bloggers seem to have innately.
Anyway, back to the issue of anonymity or pseudonymity or nothing. I don’t think I mention names on here. I have abbreviated some. In my LJ I have given my close friends nicknames so that at least there’s an appearance of anonymity. I don’t delude myself though. I expect it’s easy enough that either from this blog, or my LJ, that someone could easily discern who I am and track me down. Especially the recent posts discussing possible job options. But I don’t worry about getting fired, even after reading BizGirl‘s recent and ongoing adventure. I hate the idea of self-censorship, but it’s not like I’m the type that really stirs up controversy anyway. (I was quite annoyed this week when I received notification of changes I had to make to a Yahoo newsgroup because of a certain affiliation.)
Oh well, I’m just going to “live and let live”. If someone wants to chew me out for something I write, fine that’s their choice.


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