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Automation systems?

I have a question for the audience. My friend just IMed me and asks: “u know any cheap library automation software for a small/tiny library”?

There is a small specialized library that she would like to help get online. Right now they have a card catalogue (I think I’ve seen one once!). Despite the fact that we are both recent grads, the truth is automation systems really aren’t covered in Library School. I know I’ve heard of Sirsi and Innovative Interfaces and Voyageur, but what they really are and what they can do, I am a bit clueless (and whether those really are automation systems is unclear as well).

As well, when she says cheap, she means it. Simple is also a plus. So any suggestions? where should we look to do research?

This is just the first step in my “information seeking process”, as I will now turn to Google.

*ETA: Google found me: Library Automated Systems which seems like a half-decent place to start.


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