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CBC News: Jobless grads of N.S. university can come back for free

CBC News: Jobless grads of N.S. university can come back for free

Universite Sainte-Anne will offer free tuition to graduates in 7 programmes if they can’t find a job. Well that’s nice, but the article even says the university admits it’s a marketing ploy. I had considered going to this school for teacher’s college after I finished my undergrad, but decided against it (since I really didn’t want to be a teacher).

I wish more universities would offer a money-back guarantee. Now wouldn’t that be nice? And talk about disparity. With my Masters (that I needed to get my job) I will probably be making less than if I stuck around here and found a factory job. Although reality is factory jobs are hard to come by too.

It’s certainly a good thing that I’ve always believed in education for the sake of education, as in I love to learn and education is priceless, in a sense. I mean people obviously have put price tags on education, but my life would be entirely different if I had not continued onto higher education. I hadn’t even considered of not going to university despite being from a working poor family. (Yes, thank you OSAP).

So yes, money-back guarantees. Even for those of us who took Classical Civilization and French as a double major! I still hear the folks saying “what are you going to do with that!?” *shudder*


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