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London Free Press: News Section – Same-sex books eyed for school libraries

London Free Press: News Section – Same-sex books eyed for school libraries

Good job, or should I say good luck? Sure I only lived there for a year and a half but something tells me London, ON ain’t the most liberal minded area in Ontario.

What’s with people not wanting books showing different, diverse lifestyles? The word is tolerance. While acceptance would be most appreciated, tolerance will suffice in the meantime.

Did anyone watch ER last night? I mean that really sucked when Carrie’s birth mom said she could love her but not accept her. I wouldn’t know how I would take it if someone I cared about wanted nothing to do with me because of the people I may love.

Back to the story. I think it’s good that these books will be in school libraries. They’re not on the curriculum. They’re simply giving young readers a choice. CHOICE! That’s good. I like choice (especially since I didn’t have much choice today in the cereal aisle at my local grocer). There are certainly a million other things parents should be worried about – reading is not one of them!


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