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Public terminals aren’t very good (i.e. suck).

I am not fortunate enough to own a laptop with wireless and therefore have to resort to using public terminals or internet cafes to check my email when away from home. Unfortunately, so many public terminals do not have browsers that are suitable for Gmail, which is my current choice for email. So, I could not check my email til now and I found out there are many messages to which I have to answer. Frustration.
Anyway, I’m home now. The overnight stay in Toronto was fine. I forget which of my friends live in Toronto so I don’t really call anyone.
In addition to email, there was some snail mail waiting for me too when I arrived home. A rejection letter from a Michigan college and an employment equity form from another university. I wonder if should contact everywhere I applied and tell them I got a job; Sounds like a lot of unnecessary work. I also received an email from a woman asking me if I was interested in an interview next week at a certain cataloguer/vendor. That’s nice. Too bad I already have a job. Actually since it is a cataloguing job I’m not going to bother to interview (I can’t afford the ticket to Niagara Falls anyway) because a cataloguing job is what I have, although they are not a not-for-profit which may mean starting pay is better. Well, I’m satisfied with my choice so I’m going to stick with it for a while.
On the train down I read the National Post which I received free at my hotel. There were two articles that mentioned web logs. One “Teen feared jeopardizing Johnathan trial” discussed how a key witness was blogging her experience during the trial and how that it showed that she may have been a bit less than truthful on the stand. I personally can’t blame her – she is only 16. How many 16 year-olds really understand the consequences of blogging? (well, actually, how many people in general.) And of course the NP was patting its own back since they were the ones “outing” her blog, the lawyers were clueless. It was interesting to see that the NP also printed excerpts from several of her posts. I didn’t particularly like the tone of the article though because it was very pro-Google. I like Google, but someone should not be saying that one search engine is better than another because often enough we find different results in all of them. In my opinion, no one should rely on just one search engine (I guess that’s the librarian in me).
The other blog related article was in the Financial Post section. “Internet bloggers are changing the rules of the game for businesses(paid subscription only).” This article focussed a bit more on how there are many “this company sucks” sites out there and provided some statistics, such as 60% of companies have disciplined employees due to internet use, 30% have fired employees due to internet use (N.B.: I gave my copy of the National Post away so these aren’t precise quotes and may indeed be far off the mark). I guess the writer was just trying to make people aware of how things really are and that if a company isn’t already monitoring internet use, they should (ok, should is a bit strong of a word, more of an “everybody else is doing it” type of thing going on here).
I think that’s about it. I’m just using the online classifieds to find a place to live, so I have to go make some phone calls now.


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