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Thoughts on moving

The process of moving really hasn’t bothered me that much in the past. Sure, I say it’s annoying to move, but really, I’ve usually lucked out having someone else find me a place or findng a great place the first try.

Today, however, I feel that moving is becoming more of a hassle. I was supposed to go up to my new city today to go apartment hunting, but my father was to drive me and he was told (not asked – which peeved him to no end) to work today. Thus it was a no-go. I didn’t think anything of it really until I tried to reschedule some of the appointments I had made. One rental agency is not open on Sundays which means that would be 3 less apartments to view. Two of their apartments sounded very appealing, one in particular. If it turned out not to be a dive, I certainly would have taken it. But now I’ll never know. The rental agent called back and said the owner of one of the places liked the sound of me and would be willing to show it to me tommorrow. So that is hopeful, unfortunately that apartment has no bus service on Sundays and I have no car.

There are currently 18 ads in the local paper (online) for bachelor apartments. Of those ads, seven are definitely out of my price range and three list no price at all. One is a place I already called and the guy sounded a bit sketchy. I have’t decided if I’ll even look at the place. I suppose I should, since it could be a nice place, but often a lot does depend on the owners.

I expect when we get into town tomorrow I will have to pick up a rental magazine and see what there is. I have to say, finding an apartment is one of the least enjoyable information-seeking processes I’ve ever had.

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