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Language Log: Google defies Europe?

Language Log: Google defies Europe?

I found this great post via the Free Range Librarian (Tout Alors! The French Get Wound Up over Google Print).

I’m actually more interested in the cultural aspect brought forth by Jeanneney’s editorial than Google Print itself. I’m not going to let my little mind worry much about Google Print and all its implications on librarianship and the world.

I just enjoy how again, it’s us Anglo-Saxons up to no good. Ok, well really I’m only 1/4 Anglo-Saxon and 3/4 French Canadian so I guess I should be on Jeanneney’s side. Sure the Anglos may not have had the best perspective on diversity in the past, but I have a feeling that some of us (I wasn’t raised Francophone, so I still feel more Anglo) are changing.

And why does Europe need to fear America and its Google Print? I could possibly understand something of this sort coming from a Quebecois since they are already struggling against the influence from the U.S. and English Canada. It is hard to maintain certain cultural values when the youth (and population in general) are inundated with values from another culture (My students, when I was in Quebec, just loved American Idol among other American “imports”). Nevertheless, in this case, they are still holding up well, and I doubt Google Print will be able to negatively affect the culture of Europe as much as Jeanneney might suggest.

Jeanneney would like “une protection contre les effets pervers d’une recherche de profit dissimulée derrière l’apparence d’un désintéressement.” Well wouldn’t we all like it if we could get what we want without having to go to the private sector? Because, of course, the private sector is always evil, no matter what services they may provide. Maybe he’s right and Google has world domination on their agenda.


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