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Wired News: The Web Not the Death of Language

Wired News: The Web Not the Death of Language: “Traditional linguists fear the internet damages our ability to articulate properly”

I have a problem with linguists who make judgment statements like what is proper and not. It is the linguist’s job to observe and analyze, not to judge. Fortunately, there are linguists like David Crystal. I still have a textbook by him; it’s good. Crystal understands that language is always changing and has a different view from “traditional” linguists.

“But linguists should be ‘exulting,’ he[Crystal] said, in the ability the internet gives us to ‘explore the power of the written language in a creative way.'”

I mean when it comes to writing, on occasion I can be a grammar or spelling perfectionist, but that rarely occurs in my online writing. Language changes, that’s a fact. People shouldn’t be so hung up on where exactly the language is going. Well unless we all start reverting to grunting :p


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