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Since I’m moving, I thought I’d try to see if I could find a doctor in my new town. I do intend to call my current primary care provider, but since I move this weekend I’m not sure there is much they can do.
I started my search at the Government of Ontario and went to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. I clicked around for a bit on links that looked hopeful, but were dead ends. Somehow I did come to the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario and their Doctor search page. Pretty good search since you can limit to “accepting new patients”, although I still wonder if I need a referral.
Anyway, after my search I continued to browse the website and of course went to their policy section. They have a lot of the usual stuff: misconduct, sexual abuse, drugs, medical marijuana. One I was a bit surprised to see, but now I don’t know why, was the policy on Female Circumcision, Excision and Infibulation . It is disturbing that this “cultural” practice has followed some families over here. I haven’t heard a good argument for why this would ever be necessary. I remember reading in a magazine some model’s description of what happened to her when she was young. It makes me sad that it happens.
Another interesting policy, Use of title “plastic surgeon”. Here it was discussed, as the title states, who can use that title. In the principles of this policy they wrote: “The Charter of Rights and Freedoms of Canada guarantees the right of free speech to all citizens. That right may be restricted only to the minimum extent necessary in a free and democratic society to achieve the socially appropriate goal of preventing deception in professional announcements and advertisements.”
I think it is very interesting that they referred to the charter specifically. Perhaps they had a lawyer on the policy board? It is good to know that instead of just saying who can and can’t use the word “plastic” that they look at all sides and even considered the Charter and freedom of speech.
Oh. This policy is intersting too. It seems expectant mothers are getting into scrapbooking mode as early as possible. The policy on Ultrasound for Non-Medical Reasons advises that “The use of ultrasound only to view the fetus to obtain a picture or video of the fetus or to determine the gender of the fetus without a medical indication is inappropriate and contrary to good medical practice.” I mean, most women already have to get ultrasounds when pregnant, right? So why can’t women just wait until heir doctor says they need an ultrasound. Hmm. I don’t know, I’ve never been pregnant.
So that was a bit of infomation I gathered today. Useless? Perhaps, but interesting nevertheless.


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