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Settling In

Saturday I moved up here, my Dad helping me lug up a bunch of stuff. I guess the night before he stopped by my Grandma’s house (maternal) and picked up stuff from her. She bought me a floor lamp and also gave me a jar of her chili sauce. That was nice! The ride up here was okay. The rental place wanted us here by 1pm, so no time to waste. After moving stuff in my Dad drove me around and gave me money for grocery shopping. We also stopped at the Surplus Store. Surplus is a must. I remember as a kid that’s what we used to do; anytime we were driving through Toronto, Kitchener or London, we’d stop at a surplus store. I still think I have some sort of desire for army fatigues. There really is a lot of cool stuff though at surplus stores. If you have one near you, you must check it out. We drove around a bit more and then back here. He hooked up my computer. He usually tells me to wait a day to turn it on since it was in the back of the truck and could have been exposed to moisture, but he needed to make sure my network card was working so that I could have internet access.
Saturday night was hell. I had thought it was my asthma acting up, but it turns out it was a chest cold which brought on the asthma. I had a horrible time trying to breathe and sleep Saturday night. At 2am I came online to look up the hospital info and walk-in clinics. It was not easy to find walk-in clinic info; I wish I had a phone book. Anyway, after taking some tylenol flu pm I did manage to sleep for a few hours.
Sunday I stayed inside all day and did nothing. Just a bit of unpacking. Today I feel better, but the cough is really coming on now. So I’m breathing better, but my chest feels very congested. Just in time for work tomorrow!
Today I took the bus downtown to get a bus pass and to get some meds. I took a different bus back to see more of the town. I’m not really close to much, but there are convenience stores and a laundromat. In the summer it’ll be easier for me to get around. I also bought a bus map and got some schedules. It looks like I have to leave here around 7am to get to work around 8:30. Ouch! Have I ever mentioned I’m NOT a morning person? I’m going to have to get up at 6am, well maybe 6:30. But still! I don’t do that! I sleep. Oh well, at least I don’t really have the TV to keep me up at night.
I get one TV channel and I’ve decided I’m too cheap to get cable. Fortunately the channel I do get shows Degrassi:TNG, Corner Gas, Lost and ER. I think those are most of the shows I watch regularly. I have my VCR and DVD hooked up, but the DVD doesn’t work well because it’s an old TV. I think that’s the reason anyway. See the TV is hooked to the VCR and the antennae and the DVD is hooked through the VCR. I watched a DVD today and it went through stages: clear picture, fuzzy red, fuzzy black and white and then back again. Oh well. My dad says he some thing I can use to fix that.
So that’s pretty much the weekend. I haven’t spent much time reading my feeds since I haven’t been feeling well.
Tomorrow I go to work in the afternoon for health and safety and I really start on Wednesday.


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