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Day One: report

I have completed my first official day at work. I got there 30 minutes earlier than I was supposed to, but that was okay. I spent most of the morning with my supervisor. She gave me a training manual and went over it briefly with me, then more thoroughly. She showed me the online tools briefly and then I had lunch. After lunch I spent most my time looking through the manual and playing with Horizon. I started to tackle some practice exercises, but very slowly. By that time I was pretty tired.
I managed to finish work just in time to miss the bus, so I hung out a few extra minutes before walking to the bus stop.
Overall the day was fine. I met some of my co-workers but not many and it’s not like they’re a talkative bunch anyway, or at least not to me. Coffee and tea are provided so that’s good. They even announce over the P.A. when the “lunch truck” arrives. I’ve heard stories about those food trucks – not sure I’d want to try any of their food.
I’m really tired now and don’t want to eat dinner. Not that I really have anything to eat: macaroni or cereal is pretty much it. Oh and rice (plain).
I think I’ll go have some cheese and crackers and watch the news.


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An instructor, a reader, a dog-owner, and advocate; that's how I define myself and these aspects directly impact my interests and conversations.


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