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Series are annoying

So today I started continuing some cataloguing exercises. Then the supervisor showed me how to use cataloguer’s desktop. I’ve used it before, but not the CD-rom, and we never are really told how to use it in library school. Later in the morning she went over the procedures for cataloguing mass market fiction and she gave me a pile to start working on. She said not to worry about how long I take since I’m training. So I spent most of the afternoon doing some mass market fiction. I only got four done. Yeah, I took lots of time. I really don’t like series. I find it hard to tell if I need a 440 or 490/8XX tags. And one time, a book had 2 series but the 1st two in the series didn’t have the other series name in their bibliographic record so I was confused. I put both series names in and just before my supervisor left she came by and I asked her about it. She’s gonna double check in the morning.
So far it’s interesting, but punctuation really is a pain in the butt. I know I was going slow, but that’s because I was triple-checking everything and I really do want to learn. Hopefully, tomorrow morning things will go a bit quicker now that I really know how to use Horizon, Validator and the cataloguer’s desktop. The thing I do have to make sure that I don’t do, is start getting interested in all the books. Today I didn’t really have to read even the backs of the books because they were such generic fiction – westerns, etc…that they didn’t need more subject headings. Although there was one that I put “monasticism and religious orders – fiction” (I think that’s what it was). I wonder if any patron would actually search under that?

Anyway, for those interested in fun MARC 21, maybe you should look at the Tag of the Month.


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