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Today I went around town a bit – both virtually and literally. I went to several websites about my new town, and made sure this time to bookmark the city’s homepage. So I looked at the sites for the big malls, the community centres and the library.
Then I actually did go downtown. I went to the movie theatre. Admission is only $7 so that’s pretty good (and I had a coupon today). After the movie I was walking down the main street and passed by a used book store. The Casablanca Bookshop seemed pretty good to me. They had a good selection yet weren’t piled with stuff. I’m not one who enjoys digging for a find. I bought two books: The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier and Bachelor Girl by Betsy Israel. Bachelor Girl was just an impulse buy. Well, they both were, but I have a piece of a “reproduction” of the lady and the unicorn tapestry (I bought it off a friend who went to France when I was a teen) so I think that story may be interesting.
After that, I went to the public library and displayed great patience to myself as I was butted in line by some middle-aged man and his son. They had been in the check-out line but his card wouldn’t work so he butt in front of me at the library card line and because they were just switching workers no one noticed. So I got my card and looked around the library a bit. I checked out the video “Disocordia: when Netanyahu came to town”. I think that might be interesting to watch. I wanted to check out “I, Claudius” but the first 2 volumes were out already.
And the bus came by just as I was exiting the building so it was perfect. (well this time – if someone else hadn’t been waiting I’d have missed it). I think I will try to go back to the library on Thursday because they are showing the Oscar nominated “Ryan” and “Harwood”.


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