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Whew – I’m tired.

I need to remember to go to bed early tonight. Last night I stayed up too late and was tired when I awoke and stayed that way all day. I didn’t feel like I worked very hard today. Monday I catalogued 30 books. Today I did 3. Okay, that’s not really a good expression of the work I did. See I can’t count a book catalogued until my supervisor checks it, makes notes for me and hands it back for me to put the final touches on it. So many of the books I catalogued Monday, I had done the work for Friday. Also, my supervisor was busy today so didn’t get to check the 20 or so books I did do. I’ve started to do some original non-fiction books too. In fact 2 of 3 books done today were originals: one book on knitting, the other witchcraft in Germany. By the end of the day the supervisor let me start choosing my own books to do. So I got to catalogue “Librarians in Fiction: a critical bibliography”.
After all that cataloguing Monday I came home to do a conference call. I only lasted 1.5 hours (I’m sure the meeting was probably 3 hours long!). The meeting was interesting (we were discussing theme for next year’s OLA Superconference) but the landlord’s dog was whining horribly and I couldn’t concentrate. Not to mention that I am still getting over a cold. (One person emailed me saying I did sound horrible on the phone – my gosh, I was feeling a lot better!). So I cut out after a while and let the dog out of it’s room to come join me. It’s actually in its room again now, barking occasionally, but I have no desire to play with the dog or try to coax it back into its room when I’m ready for bed.
Today I wore my Dewey Decimator shirt to work. No one saw it though because I ended up wearing my sweater most of the day. I love that shirt. I encourage you all to take a look at http://www.librariangear.com and all their products. I have two shirts from there and love them. I can’t wait to buy more and think I could go for some of their greeting cards. Also, the Curmudgeony Librarian Superstore has a bunch of new items. They all look so cool. Alas, I must wait until after my Japan trip to even think about ordering online. Or buying anything at all. Sometimes I forget how much in debt I am and that I have to start repaying student loans in June. Anyway, I think I am going back to reading “Bachelor Girls” – it’s turning out to be pretty good. I feel so damn lucky to be single now, in the 21st Century, than back in the early 20th. Those ladies had it hard!
Okay, so this Old Maid is off to bed!

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