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Electric Velocipede: Teaching and the library

Electric Velocipede: Teaching and the library: “I don’t have a list of classes I’d like to teach at my library (again, don’t have a ‘my library’), but here’s my list of classes I’d like to take (or see offered) in Library School”

This list probably isn’t too far from many of our own. The comments also added a lot of interesting ideas.

Well my library school offered co-op, so an internship isn’t really necessary (although the idea of rotations in every department is a suggestion).

Despite that we didn’t have course on vendors or “justification”, they were talked about. In Collection Development we had one, or was it 2, vendors as guest speakers. We also had a few other guest speakers who told us how they negotiate with their vendors. So that was a good basis to start from. “Justification” was a theme that seemed to come up in a lot of courses, particularly Special Libraries Management because, as we all know, whenever there are cutbacks libraries are the first to go.

Again, our management class featured a couple speakers who talked about relations with a library board. One was quite candid – I still remember him saying that veterans can be stubborn people to deal with. (no, it wasn’t library board related – just that the library had a no soliciting type policy which included those little boxes for money and the veterans especially did not like this around Remembrance Day and caused quite a fuss).

It’s hard for me to add onto the list since I am satisfied with what I’ve learned. I understood that the majority of learning would take place on the job, so the expectation that the program would teach me everything was not there.


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