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Gearing Up

I went to the library today to stock up for the weekend. It’s amazing the things patrons notice – or maybe I’m just picky. I had a pile of stuff in my arms, so I did not have my card ready when I went to the counter. I didn’t have to wait, I just walked up and a “librarian” called me up. I swear it tool me at most 20 seconds to get my card out – I went into my bag, grabbed my wallet and grabbed my card – but the woman tapped her fingers. Maybe it was just a habit since the rest of her did not give off the impatient vibe, but it was just a little something I noticed.
So I borrowed:
Desk Set(VHS) – a librarian’s favourite. I ‘ve only ever seen a small clip in class so I thought it was time to see it all.
Emma(DVD) – I liked Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, so I should like this too. I think I’ve seen parts before, but not certain.
I, Claudius(VHS) – volumes 4 and 5. Yes, this should be good.
Persuasion (book) – I had a friend who told me this was actually one of Austen’s better novels. I’ve only read Mansfield Park and I really liked it. I usually hate romances, but I guess women back them just knew how to tell a good love story.

Work is coming along. I’m getting a few “OK”s on my work every day. Today there was a department meeting to go over the new procedures manual that has been created. I don’t think she’s been here too long, so she wanted to make sure everyone knows what stuff has to be done.
I really am enjoying that I get books coming across my desk. Although I did have to try not to enjoy too much when I catalogued The Kama Sutra Year: 52 sensational positions for Erotic Pleasure. I think I may have spent a little extra time with that one. (just kidding!). Actually I did look through it and they managed to photograph so that neither the vagina or penis were visible in any shot.
Today I came across Marita Golden’s Don’t Play in the Sun. I only read a couple paragraphs in the first chapter somewhere, but those words really mean something. I didn’t understand the title in comparison to the subtitle, now I do – well as much as any white woman can. Definitely something to add onto the “to read” list.


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