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OCULA award for new grads/professionals

From an email:

OCULA Council has just set up a new Award. Candidates for this Award should be either graduating students from a Master’s program in library/information studies in Ontario with an interest in academic libraries or new professionals in the academic library field in Ontario who have been working for no more than two years.

Applicants should submit a proposal for an OCULA conference session for the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference and must use the OCULA Session Proposal Form for the OCULA Award that is posted on the OCULA web site at:
this OCULA site

The proposed session should cover a topic that would be particularly meaningful or helpful for new academic librarians.

Deadline for applying for the OCULA Award is May 15th, 2005

The winner will receive:
– a year’s membership in the Ontario College and University Library Association
– full conference registration for the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference in February, 2006
– two nights’ accommodation in a conference hotel for the Ontario Library Association’s Super Conference
– travel costs by air, train or car up to a limit of $250 Canadian
– the winner will be featured in an article about the award in InsideOCULA, the newsletter for OCULA

The winning proposal will be used for an OCULA session at the OLA Super Conference in February 2006, subject to the availability of the proposed speakers. No arrangements should be made with speakers for the Conference. Applicants are simply asked to identify key speakers for the proposal and to indicate why these speakers would be most appropriate for the session.

Should the proposal be accepted for a session at the OLA Super Conference, the winner will be invited to convene the session. The winner must attend the OLA Super Conference in February 2006 and the OCULA reception at the Conference, where the award will be presented to him/her.

All entries will be judged by an OCULA panel of judges.

For more information about the Award, please go to:
Award info

Sharon Munro
President of OCULA


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