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You know how you never hear of a word or a place or a person, and then you hear it several times? I know that happened to me with the word “quixotic”. Never heard of it before, then it was everywhere!
Anyway today I catalogued “Living our Language” and I looked at the map inside. The first location marked on the map was the Redlake Reservation, and the town was marked as well. One of the contributors was from there as well. It’s sad to think any community could go through that. It was also neat to see the Ojibwe written beside the English.

Another book of interest was Spelling Dearest, a humorous look at the history of the English language. It’s a self-published book, so it does show some of those characteristics, but the illustrations were cute. Certainly something I’d borrow from the library, probably wouldn’t buy it though.

Meaning of Wife also crossed my desk (the U.S. edition). Although it appears to be a bestseller I don’t think I’ve really looked at this book before. I was probably turned off by the word “wife”, but after flipping through a few pages it seems to be a definite addition to my reading list. Although I’ve never been interested in women’s studies(the area I would put this book although it is classified under “wives”) and have that typical attitude towards women’s studies (i.e a negative one), I did enjoy reading Bachelor Girl and I think the Meaning of Wife might be a nice follow-up to that.

Finally, a personal favourite; a book on the Peloponnesian War from the Essential Histories series from Osprey. You do know I was a Classics major, right? (and French too!) I only had the opportunity to take one Greek history course (which may have been a good thing since the prof was horrible despite being amicable). I like the look of the book, and the titles in the series. I wish I had a reason to start collecting such a series, and the money.


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