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Jane Austen: Persuasion

I finished Persuasion (although not that edition). It was as enjoyable as I thought it’d be, but once again Jane has built up the story – just build, build, build for 200 pages, and then boom. Denouement in 10 pages. I find the endings of her stories to be too short. I would like a little more than she gives.

This particular novel was interesting since the heroine is my age. Unfortunately I don’t have former fiance to come and propose marriage to me and make things happy ever after. Actually, maybe that’s not unfortunate because I don’t really want a happy ever after ending just yet. There’s too much life yet and it seems to me, if things are going “happily ever afer” than one is missing out on life. You have to take the good with the bad.

Overall I do believe I enjoyed Mansfield Park more than Persuasion, but for me they are both good reads. (I need a bit of romance in my life.)


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