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I, Claudius

Today was my weekly visit to the library. I picked up the final volume of the I, Claudius miniseries. And I have since watched it, as well as the short doc “The epic that never was” about the attempt to film I,Claudius back in 1937. It was somewhat odd hearing Robert Graves say that he thought that perhaps it was never meant to be (the book turned to film that is). This series has been just as wonderful as I expected it to be, even considering it was filmed before I was ever born. At first I disliked Derek Jacobi, but I got used to him. I have half a mind of naming a daughter after Claudius, but it’d have to be my second since I’m decided on nmaing my first-born daughter Athena. (although at this point, who knows if I shall ever have any children?) I guess that’s what happens when you study Classical Civilization. Good thing I don’t have enough Latin to get into Grad school! (Hence I entered LIS – all my secrets out now!)

At the library I was thinking to myself: “I wish there was a ‘If you like Jane Austen, you’ll like…’ bookmark”, and then I realized, I don’t need a bookmark, or a librarian – that’s what my job is for! Subject headings for subject access! So I just looked up a couple of Austen’s books and picked a heading that sounded about what I liked. And then of course the handy limiting to the main library helped me narrow my search. Gee, libraries are great.

Other picks from the library:
Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles – I believe I saw this (movie? miniseries?) on A&E a few years ago and feel like reading it now.

The Mallens (Video) – I guess based on a Catherine Cookson series. Can’t say I’ve ever read any of her stuff.

Fever Pitch (dvd) starring Colin Firth and Ruth Gemmell. Yes, I was surprised to see this jump out at me on the DVD racks. Just this week, commercials for Fever Pitch (2005) have been on tv and then I see this. Why can’t Hollywood come up with their own ideas? Why do they steal from everyone else? Oh, I’m sorry, Americans just can’t relate to anyone fanatical about soccer. No that’s just the Brits, and Irish. And Scottish, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greeks, Brazilians…the rest of the world. Everyone but the U.S. (ok, and Canada too). I mean, it’s Colin Firth – do they really need to re-do a movie with him in it? (i.e he’s too good to replace [my current actor crush]). Although I suppose I’d actually have to look at the book to see if it was soccer or baseball. (ah, and Amazon says soccer.)

In other news…
Today’s interesting title that I catalogued:
Being dead is no excuse. I had no idea what to expect with a title like that – even with reading the subtitle. Turns out it’s a cookbook on Southern food. The anecdotes that went with each chapter though were quite humourous – ok I didn’t read much, just enough as to whether or not “Mourning rites” (or is it rituals) was a necessary heading.

Oh, and did you know that Dewey has Feng Shui under Geomancy? weird huh? I can’t say I ever knew what Geomancy was, other than Geomancers in computer games seem to be strong and evil (so I’ve heard). Turns out just to be another divination tool – astrology and stuff. Did you know Aquarian brothers are a source for strife and discord? Neither did I and I have one. (But I’m also Aquarius – maybe that’s different then.)

And in more news…

I’m going to be starting French books soon. Yay! She said she’d talk to me today about it, but she didn’t. But anyway, it’s good to see it on her mind.

Also, one of the OLITA conference coordinators has gotten an awesome new job and will be moving far far away. So, if any of you Ontarians are interested, and are willing to give a 2 year committment, just give me a shout (by email).

And reminder: please submit any OLA superconference suggestions to:
The Super conference Session proposal site. (it does only have to be a suggestion – no committment on your part to speak or to find speakers – we can do that [or try])

Well, now it’s pass my bedtime. Working extra hours to save up time does wear a woman out. 10 days till Japan. (ok, actually 11 since the flight is 15 hours.)

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