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Sorry I haven’t posted. Many things happening all at once. Work is going well. There have been books that have been interesting and I jot their titles down but there’s so many sticky notes (on both my computer here and at work) that they seem to be lost in a see of yellow.

I actually got a book back today that was totally ok! yay! She puts a little smiley face on the sticky note when its perfect. Yes, it’s the little things that make it all worthwhile. You must understand though how frustrating it is when, in your second language, you come up with a perfect subject heading and find that indeed it is in RVM, only to discover there is no LCSH equivalent, and in fact you can’t think of the equivalent in English (or whatever your first language is). That has happened a couple times to me. I usually manage to find something else that fits.

Before I started my supervisor told me how often she used to get French books that were about nothing. I know, hard to believe, until you come across one. I did the other day. Un peu là beaucoup ailleurs. The book really was about nothing. Just the narrator talking about how she’s there but not really there, etc etc. I ended up assigning it “Solitude–Fiction” and “psychological fiction”. I wanted to assign it the RVM “Existence (Psychologie)”, but it seems Existence isn’t a LCSH term – although they do have many related terms, existentialism, ontology, and some others. Ah well.

Things are getting busy with OLITA. We have less than half of our needed proposals *hint**hint* which are due by the end of the month. I feel helpless since the other coordinator seems to be doing most of the work. (did I mention the third got an awesome job and is going North?)

It is time for bed, I need sleep. 4 days till Japan. (BTW, if you consider yourself a friend, and trust me, feel free to email me with your address and I’ll send you a postcard from Japan.)

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