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Wired News: What Search Sites Know About You

Wired News: What Search Sites Know About You: “while search engines are quite upfront about sharing their knowledge on topics you enter in the query box, it’s not so clear what they know about you. As operators of the most popular search engines roll out more services that require user registration, industry observers and privacy advocates say it’s become more feasible to associate a particular query with an individual. ”

Sometimes I wonder if it really matters. I mean, yes, we should all have the right to keep our private information private, but is it really possible? It just seems futile.

Speaking of privacy and info and all that…what’s with this Name database? I’ve gotten the email from 2 different friends now but I refuse to sign up because I don’t like their Terms. Is it just another social networking thing(which I don’t really use)? Or is it some cleverly disguised consumer intelligence thing?


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