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CBC News: Conservative Stronach joins Liberals

CBC News: Conservative Stronach joins Liberals

“The millionaire businesswoman becomes minister of human resources and skills development, the prime minister said Tuesday morning.”

Well, I always thought that, other than the big business factor, she didn’t really fit with the Conservatives. Harper says she’s doing this because of her ambition to be leader of a party. well good on her. Damn it, it’s about time a woman followed her ambitions in politics. Sure one can argue that ambition killed Caesar and a whole slew of others, but women need as many strong political players as we can get!

I don’t care if Belinda may be from a wealthy family. I don’t care that she hasn’t been in politics long (do we really have to be to know what it’s all about?!). The only thing I don’t like is the excuse of the conservatives alliance with the Bloc. I mean, I don’t think that alliance means anything. The Bloc will always be Separatist – fact is fact. I don’t think another party temporarily allying with them really advances the separatist movement.

anyway, I should be working, but I was listening to CBC radio and thought I’d write something before I forgot. And what’s with the talk about her relationship being over just because of a party change? stupid.


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