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Saint Marie by Yang Yeo-Jin

Saint Marie by Yang Yeo-Jin is a graphic novel translated from the Korean, rated 13+.

I picked up volumes 1 and 2 at the used bookstore on Saturday and read them both straight away. And then I reread volume 2. This, as in so many stories, is the scene for a great battle between good and evil. Set in a Catholic private school (how cute), some of the students and teachers wield psychological powers that allow them to do battle for the White and Black sides. That’s the thing, Saint Marie is the chessboard, and the staff and students are the players. But who are these chess pieces? who is involved in the battle? And while most who are not involved are oblivious to the deaths of several students, how does Dah-In know about it and fit in? And why does she have her former, deceased, roommate’s power?

I really enjoyed these 2 volumes. I’m really new onto the graphic novel scene and haven’t read many, so while the plot was simple, yet engaging, I still found it difficult to figure out which characters were male and female!! (esp when there are transvestites and homosexual ones involved!)


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