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Here’s something for you to wrap your head around.

The RVM heading Québécois says it’s equivalent to Quebeckers of CSH. OK.

CSH Quebeckerssays this is only for Quebeckers residing outside Quebec.

Yet, CSH heading Quebeckers–Québec (Province) says to use Quebeckers.

please, have a look for yourself. Wait, I think i’ve got it…maybe it means that although Quebeckers can be subdivided geographically, you can’t have just quebeckers — Quebec.

oh no wait, that doesn’t work either. It says to follow the scope note for Canadians which says “Works discussing Canadians within Canada are entered under headings appropriate to their contents” So works discussing Quebeckers are entered under the topic, but it doens’t work for what we need it for.
oh and French Canadians isn’t much more helpful.

BTW, this all for a book on a Québecois folktale.


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