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Crash (2004)

Crash (2004)

Yesterday evening I went and saw “Crash.” I really enjoyed the film. It uses what I call the “it’s a small world” technique, in that everyone is connected somehow. This film does make you think about prejudice – both your own and others. Although it seems the commenters at imdb seem to be split over the motive of the movie and its accomplishments (i.e. some think this is just another poor attempt at portraying race relations without providing any true discourse or conclusion).

It was my first time at that theatre. It’s a twin, in that there is another theatre just around the corner. Between the two of them they show the films that just aren’t at the big theatres, cineplex, famous players, etc. That’s a good thing. I bought a membership to the movie theatres since it saves $3 each time and only cost $8. Savings are nice. Next Week Bride and Prejudice is coming to the theatre, and I missed it when it was out earlier, so I’m definitely planning on seeing it. Can’t wait to see what else is coming.


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