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Amazon.ca: Books: Petit atlas des espèces menacées

Amazon.ca: Books: Petit atlas des espèces menacées

Following along my animal thoughts from earlier…

I catalogued the above book earlier today. It made me think of highschool. Back then I was in the environmental club. I helped with recycling pick-up, composted for the cafeteria, planted trees, cleaned up the river bed, yellow-fish road, signed petitions and got others to sign, and other projects. I went to a enviro camp for a week in Collingwood where we learned about the Remedial Action Plan, water use and sanitation and we also did things like dig trenches in the wetlands for turtles. I used to be anti-hunting and anti-fur and anti-leather.

Now, I’m none of it. I own leather items. I don’t mind too much that my best friend’s bf hunts and if he asked me to go along, I would. I don’t compost and while I do recycle and reuse, I don’t reduce.

Anyway, just thought I’d share on how I was a better person back in highschool. But I also wanted to tell the Library of Congress, that just because a title has the word “atlas” in it, does not make it an atlas! The record I was working with catalogued the item as cartographic material, but there were only 6 maps in the entire thing! It was more encyclopedic than atlas-like. Silly cataloguers. I was surprised I found a record for it at all since it is French book.

I guess I can’t complain too loudly since I still make loads of errors (but at least i’m double-checked.)


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